Steinbeis Center of Excellence for Blockchain and Intelligence Systems

They utilize high-end Blockchain and Intelligence Systems technology tools with the focus on Academic Training, Scientific Research, Collaborations and Initiatives.

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About SGIT

From A to Z, in Steinbeis Centre of Excellence for BIS we are utilizing high-end Blockchain and Intelligence Systems technology tools

Academic Training

To provide complete academic training to the markets and hands-on skills on Blockchain and Intelligence Systems technology and its applications.

Scientific Research

To create a Research Center on novel Blockchain technologies and applications in areas of interest of global economy.

Collaborations and Initiatives

To contribute through cooperation with international initiatives and Programmes.

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Services We Offer

Our Best Services

Scientific Research

Joining European Union R&D Projects and Programmes
Contribution in International Training/Education Programmes
Promotion of Interregional Collaboration and diversified Programmes

Studies & Services

Provision of our advanced Toolkit and Methodologies.
Exploitation of Internally or Key Outsourced Associates.
Application of specific strategies on specific areas and provision of competitive tariffs.
For utilization in: Multidisciplinary Consulting Study, Programmes Implementation and support

Academic Training

High quality online training courses leading to Blockchain Certifications in:
Business & Finance, Cyber and physical Security, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure and Industrial processes such as:
Smart port and Digital transformation for logistics- container operations