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The first urban type ecosystem of technologies in in the very heart of Thessaloniki, housed in a pioneering place with equipped meeting rooms, workshops and individual jobs.

Blockchain: The Technological Revolution of the 21st Century

Blockchain technology is coming to change entrepreneurship as we know it today.

A new database technology, where in a register data and information regarding their history are stored in an ordered order and are parted in arrays (blocks) using cryptographic methods.

As a result, any changes to the registry information will affect subsequent entries.

Fast, Transparent & Secure Transactions

Distribution of fast and secure transactions. The modification of the transactions is not possible since as soon as a transaction is recorded, it remains as it is and the history is transparent for everyone. Public access to Blockchain facilitates transparency and dissemination of information.

Increase trust

Data processing in Blockchain is not possible, thus ensuring the trust and integrity of the data in each transaction.

Difficulty of violation by malicious attacks

The data stored in Blockchain becomes unchanged and secure due to the use of cryptography. An attempt to violate the data in any block of Blockchain will change the hash of all subsequent blocks in the network resulting in its rejection by it.

Reduce credit risk and costs

Eliminate the need for intermediate parts which increases speed and reduces costs

Elimination of intermediate entities

By relieving the intermediaries, the transactions are carried out directly between the sender and the recipient without any intermediary and in digital form. This achieves incredibly high speeds as well as more economical than ever.

Use of cryptography

Data is fully protected thanks to encryption with private and public keys as well as advanced cryptographic algorithms. Blockchain is the most secure and at the same time transparent system in which users are not transparent, providing them with more security within it.

Decentralized Network

No central authority can interrupt this system. Blockchain users have the ability to view all their data and have full control over their information and transactions.

Ensuring anonymity

In Blockchain only the digital addresses are visible, thus keeping the real identities of the users hidden. The use of cryptography allows transactions while ensuring anonymity.

NFT Development

Both physical and digital assets are tokenized into a non-fungible token that is one of a kind and untransferable.

NFT development is the process of digital arts into tokens. Our NFT development major focused on UX, External Features, Multi-layer security etc.

We have an innovative and skilled team of blockchain developers, who are highly proficient in developing world-class enterprise blockchain solutions and applications like NFTs.

We are helping firms all over the globe to solve their complex business challenges with industry-leading services for NFT development in various domains like art, music, sports etc.

Blockchain Factory is foremost blockchain development company develops NFTs for:

Our sole purpose your whole life

Together with the pioneers and our continued support

A constantly updated online platform, staffed by experienced mentors who guide those interested in everything they need to know about the exciting, digital world of Blockchain and the upcoming Technological Revolution.

We are oriented at all modern digital innovations with a special focus on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Factory offers a unique way to support new ventures in their early stages. In this unique business incubator, young entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and anyone interested in technology can get advice from specialist, build professional networks and take advantage of our infrastructure for their business meetups.

Particular emphasis is placed on cooperation between private initiatives and organized bodies (Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations) in order for each incoming member to benefit from unique knowledge and know-how.

Our offer

Our Offer to Society

New Jobs

Providing new jobs

Education and Interaction

Educational and Interaction with like-minded people. Assistance of experts in the development of their own projects.

Opportunities for business development

Opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow.

International visibility

Exposure to the market for the purpose of international attention.

Technology Knowledge transfer

We emphasize knowledge, expertise, specialization and high quality, without compromise.

What makes us unique

In this long technological journey over the years we have learned a lot.
At all times we are looking for solutions and improvements in the development flow so that we are always up to date in this rapidly evolving world of Blockchain.

Wide Range of Technologies

Develop and disseminate Blockchain Technology and complementary Industry 4.0 technologies, such as 5G, Cloud, IoT.

Plenty of Services

Workshops with professionals in the field. Networking with companies in the industry, human stories from executives or employees in the industry. Business development program in Inculator logic.

Activity in many sectors

Logistics, Education, Public Sector, Public Sector, Financial Technology, Green Economy, International Transport, Agri-Food Industry, etc.

Technology, Knowledge, Inspiration

The Blockchain Factory in Thessaloniki is an initiative of Blockchain Open Tech in collaboration with:
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